Sermons on Healing

Sermons on Healing

Faith, healing and prayer (When life gets tough)

James 5 connects your journey of faith to the trials, troubles, sicknesses, and difficulties of life. One of the most significant ways faith is connected to life is through prayer. Some of the greatest lessons on faith come through these verses because these are the practical, everyday challenges of life. Is anyone among you suffering? Is anyone among you sick? Is anyone struggling with a sin? These are part of the journey of life, but when you bring faith into…

What God does in the toughest seasons of your life

The image in Psalm 23 is not about how you are stupid, cantankerous and dumb (like a sheep), but is about how wonderful God is as a shepherd. When you go through the darkest, most difficult seasons of your life God is right there with you. He is beating away the enemy and he is drawing you closer to himself. You can join us next week in-person at 9.30am or 5.30pm, or connect with us any time at

Child Abuse

Children are precious, and deserve to be loved and protected. Unfortunately, that’s not always how children are treated. It has been huge news in the last several years about abuse of children and young people. And some of the horrific stories have come from the church. In this message we talk about that. We raise the level of conversation about child abuse, and about the safety and protection of children in our church and in our homes.  This message is…