Sermons on Forgiveness

Sermons on Forgiveness

This hope will not disappoint

Our hope in Christ’s salvation is dependent on his unfailing love for us. This foundation sets us free from sin and makes it possible for us to live for God and follow his way of living. You can join us next Sunday in person at 9.30am and 5.30pm. Or connect with us any time at

God’s promise is received by faith

God’s grace is a promise to us, received by faith. It isn’t reliant on us keeping the law or the rules, but is reliant on us holding on to hope and faith in God. I need to believe that God will forgive everything. I also need to believe that because of my love for him I choose to not sin. Both of these things needs to be in balance, like the centre-point of a seesaw. You can join us next…

Freedom to stop judging people

There is no shame in following Jesus because he will never let you down. Accepting God’s grace is for everyone. I need him as much as you do. The point of Paul pointing out God’s judgement about sin is not to convict the obvious sinners, but to get us off our high horses of thinking we are better than others. In this series we invite you to take a ’S.O.A.P.’ journal and dig deeper into Romans during the week. SOAP…

Speak Up (Putting your faith into action)

When have the people of God been called to speak up on behalf of the lost? Who did Jesus speak up for and what was the cost for him? For who and how are we encouraged to speak up today? Having faith in Jesus naturally leads to a concern for others. Not just others in the church, but all people. The Apostle Paul wrote that we should have the same attitude that Jesus had – not just looking out for our own…

Welcome to dinner

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Psalm 23:5 You can join us next week in-person at 9.30am or 5.30pm, or connect with us any time at

A harvest of new lives (Good Friday 2022)

We’re celebrating Easter weekend in-person and livestreamed online! If you’re in Cairns, come and join us as we remember Jesus’ death on the cross and celebrate his resurrection to new life. If you’re away or you’re isolating at home, you can watch our livestream of each service. Easter this year coincides with the end of our church reading the New Testament in 90 days. On Good Friday and Easter Sunday we’ll look at Easter through the lens of the last…

The themes you will find in 1 John

We are reading the New Testament together in 90 days to immerse ourselves in the life and teaching of Jesus and his first followers. As we do this we know God will use our reading to teach us, wake us up, correct, prepare and equip us to do all sorts of amazing things. The NT90 challenge and series runs from January 16 until the Easter weekend. Every Sunday throughout the 90 days we’ll have a message based on the chapters…

Scott Darlow – FLUTE

Scott Darlow was our guest speaker this Sunday. He spoke about Australian history, the impact on indigenous Australians, and what each of us can do as followers of Jesus. Scott finished with this acronym, which he challenged us to practice over the next few weeks: Forgiveness Love Understanding Tolerance Empathy For more information on the things Scott spoke about and what you can do, visit Australians Together and World Vision.