When life gets tough

When life gets tough

Faith, healing and prayer (When life gets tough)

James 5 connects your journey of faith to the trials, troubles, sicknesses, and difficulties of life. One of the most significant ways faith is connected to life is through prayer. Some of the greatest lessons on faith come through these verses because these are the practical, everyday challenges of life. Is anyone among you suffering? Is anyone among you sick? Is anyone struggling with a sin? These are part of the journey of life, but when you bring faith into…

Why we fight (When life gets tough)

We all face conflict and most of us hate it. The book of James is blunt about the source of our conflict. This bluntness is both painful and helpful. We can overcome the pressure of conflict by identifying its source and by pursuing a humility that makes pleasing God our primary aim. James 4.

The words we speak (When life gets tough)

Our words are very powerful. Left to our own devices, we will often do harm with our words. Our words also reveal the state of our hearts. We need wisdom from God and the inner work of the Holy Spirit to use our words wisely. James 3.

Performance vs Mercy (When life gets tough)

We are naturally drawn to people who are similar to us or that we think might do something for us. Even in the church we seem to be more excited about a celebrity becoming a Christian than anyone else becoming a Christian. And then in difficult times we are quick to cast blame and write people off. Jesus seems to have a different attitude towards people and the book of James challenges our selfishness and favouritism. You can join us…

The Lure of Sin (When life gets tough)

We all like to shift blame. Usually we blame each other, but in the middle of trouble and temptation we especially like to blame God for what we’re going through. James shows us that our struggles often come from our own selfish nature. God doesn’t tempt us but he has made a plan to rescue us. Jesus’ work on the cross enables us to stand against temptation. James 1:13-18.

When you suffer (When life gets tough)

We often think of suffering as something that happens to stop God’s good plans for us, but the beginning of the book of James paints suffering as part of Gods redemption plan. How can our painful trials produce growth within us and how can trust in God enable us to make it through these difficult times? Why is life so hard at the moment? Why can’t it be easier? In the New Testament book of James we find incredible wisdom…