Sermons on Proverbs

Sermons on Proverbs

You need the active help of the Spirit

You can’t live out your calling without the Spirit’s active help. Breathe! Throughout this series our small groups will be discussing the passages and topics each week. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to join a group for this series. You can find the discussion guide here: You can join us next week in-person at 9.30am or 5.30pm, or connect with us any time at

Speak Up (Putting your faith into action)

When have the people of God been called to speak up on behalf of the lost? Who did Jesus speak up for and what was the cost for him? For who and how are we encouraged to speak up today? Having faith in Jesus naturally leads to a concern for others. Not just others in the church, but all people. The Apostle Paul wrote that we should have the same attitude that Jesus had – not just looking out for our own…

How God can restore your soul

God wants to restores your soul from the brokenness of life. God wants to lead you in the right paths – to righteousness. God wants to bring honour to his name through your life. Psalm 23:3 “He restores my soul. He leads me on the right paths. For his name’s sake.” You can join us next week in-person at 9.30am or 5.30pm, or connect with us any time at

How to have everything you need (The Lack Nothing Life)

We often feel like we don’t have enough. “I don’t have enough time.” “I don’t have enough money.” “I don’t have enough friendship.” Despite the fact that we live in a culture with more than anyone has ever had, we feel like we’re missing out. One of the most famous poems in history, Psalm 23, presents us with a different way to live. Imagine going through life thinking, “I actually do have enough. I lack nothing!” It might seem impossible,…

When life doesn’t go to plan

Life in the last few years has not gone to plan for any of us! Where is God when that happens? What does God do when life doesn’t go to plan? We are reading the New Testament together in 90 days to immerse ourselves in the life and teaching of Jesus and his first followers. As we do this we know God will use our reading to teach us, wake us up, correct, prepare and equip us to do all…