Sermons on 2 Thessalonians

Sermons on 2 Thessalonians

One minute after you die – heaven or hell? (Geoff Snook)

What is hell like? Is it really all that bad? Is it real at all? Do all people go to heaven? How good do I have to be to make it to heaven? If the afterlife lasts for an eternity, won’t I get bored? Discover the truth behind common myths about heaven, hell and the afterlife, and why accepting salvation means more than just being saved from an eternity in hell. Discussion Guide Week 2 – Heaven or hell? What…

What will happen at the end of the world?

What will happen at the end of the world? How can we make sense of the mysterious book of Revelation in the Bible? What about the rapture, the antichrist and the mark of the Beast? In this message Geoff dives into some of these intriguing and scary topics as we finish our series, Any Day, Any Hour: the when, why & how of Jesus’ return. You can join us in-person next Sunday and connect with us anytime at

Is Jesus coming back?

Is Jesus ever coming back? He promised he would, but it’s been a really long time and it seems like the world is getting worse every day. We looked at the expectation of the early church, Jesus’ own words about his return and how he wants us to live in the meantime. Are you ready for Jesus’s return on any day, at any hour? This message was part of our series Any Day Any Hour: the when, why & how…