Living Wisdom school
  • 102-104 MacNamara St, Edge Hill

  • The Lakes Church

Living Wisdom school

This unique two-week course teaches basic competency in Pastoral Therapy and some advanced psychological skills to anyone with a desire to improve their own life, heal the lives of their family/friends, and acquire helping/counselling skills for the wider community. It has been described affectionately as a “check-up from the neck-up” and “uncommonly common sense”.

The school is run by Jo Koskela from Living Wisdom Counselling and Seminars. Jo’s formal training was with AIFC in Family Counselling. She has a great interest in the ongoing equipping of people, both inside and outside of the church, for the profound and difficult challenges that life can bring.

For more information or to register, download the flyer or visit the Living Wisdom website.