Transformation Trek series 2024

Transformation Trek series 2024

The Transformation Trek: relentlessly pursue Jesus

Are you ready to join us on an exciting journey of discovery and growth in your faith? The Transformation Trek is a series of practices and rhythms of life that will help you explore, grow, and connect with others on this journey with Jesus. We’ll be looking at Jesus’ character and teachings, aiming for alignment of heart, mind and action with his life.

Through Jesus and the sacrifice he made on the cross we have been given a way back to God. This invitation is open to everyone, and it does not depend on any effort or achievement on our part. However, it can be easy to get busy or distracted and find ourselves on paths that are destructive. That’s why we are starting out on the Transformation Trek – to help us stay the course of following Jesus and becoming more like him.

Join us as we embark on this journey of transformation. You will have the opportunity to explore different practices and rhythms of life that can help you grow in your faith, as well as the chance to wrestle with questions and challenges that come up along the way. Most importantly, you will have the support and encouragement of others who are also on this journey with you.

In 2024 we will explore 8 different practices, focusing on a new one every month or two. With each new practice we will share resources for you to develop this practice in your own life and with your small group.

Abide: Reflect on who you are becoming and how to align your discipleship with Jesus rather than the world. Find resources for creating a Rule of Life here.

Repentance: Embrace Jesus’ call for a heart-change and turning away from sin, a crucial step in following him.

Service & Sacrifice: Actively embody Jesus’ teachings on love, compassion and selfless giving to those in need.

Silence & Solitude: Immerse yourself in practices that Jesus frequently adopted, seeking quiet communion with God.

Transformation Prayer: Build a foundational prayer life, emulating Jesus’ continuous dialogue with the Father.

Cultivating Community: Begin forming bonds in the likeness of the early Christian community, taking cues from Jesus’ emphasis on unity and fellowship.

Wielding the Word: Engage with the Scriptures, which Jesus constantly referred to, drawing wisdom and guidance.

Hospitality: Introduce the concept of open-heartedness and welcoming others, just as Jesus opened his arms to all.

Why be part of a small group this year?

In Jesus’ life and ministry we see various rhythms and ways of being that can guide us as his followers in the world. For example, Jesus often ministered in three primary places: large gatherings where he taught and performed miracles, times of solitude where he withdrew to be alone with God for connection and refreshment, and times with his disciples where he offered deeper invitation and challenge.

Walking the Transformation Trek together urges us to gather in smaller groups; intimate, trusted communities, which are a crucial element of discipleship. We encourage everyone to find a small group that can help them grow in their faith and connect with others on a deeper level. We value both the joy and celebration of large gatherings and the silence and rich solitude of being alone with God, but we also believe in the power of trekking together.

We can help you find, or form, a small group where you can share your struggles and victories, ask questions, and grow in your faith alongside others. We believe that this is where discipleship can truly take hold and we can’t wait to see how God will work in and through your life as you journey with us.

Throughout the year we’ll have videos and questions to facilitate discussions. If you would like to find, or form, a group for this year of transformation, we can help. You can get in touch about small groups here.


  1. Jean Pankhurst

    Thanks! I am really inspired by christian rhythms and practices, having been introduced to it by Order of the mustard seed, thinking about them like a trellis holds up the vine, these practices or spiritual discipline give our lives shape as we seek the easy yoke Jesus tells us about. Thank you for prioritising this and taking time to flesh it out.

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