Exponential series

Exponential series

Exponential: God can do a lot with just a little

When you make a choice, its effects ripple further than you can see. When you plant a seed and nourish it, it can grow beyond your wildest expectations. And when you add to the work God is doing, he can multiply it into something exponential.

This two-week series explains that God has a different economy than we do, and that his ways are higher than ours. When we’re generous with our time, energy, money, or talents, he can cause them to affect more people than we could ever imagine. 

Sunday June 4 + Sunday June 11

During the Exponential series we have chosen a Bible reading plan for each week. There is a short devotional thought, a couple of short readings from the Bible and then an opportunity to discuss what we’ve read with each other.

The first one is called Double Blessing by Mark Batterson. You can follow this link: www.thelakes.church/doubleblessing

The second one is called The Genius of Generosity by Chip Ingram. You can follow this link: www.thelakes.church/geniusgenerosity


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