Crazy Stupid Love series 2021

Crazy Stupid Love series 2021

Crazy Stupid Love

Our lives are full of relationships – best friends, spouses, exes, neighbours, co-workers – and those relationships can be complicated. Relationships are messy, and love can be hard. So how do we have good ones? And get over bad ones? During this series, we’ll talk about how to develop strong and thriving relationships in every area of your life.

Crazy Stupid Love comes with a discussion guide for small groups to use each week. This series was inspired by Pastor Gene Appel at Eastside Christian Church in Los Angeles.

You’ll find the series here.

October 10 – To know and be known

We need to take the time to get to know someone before we trust them. Our relationship with God is also like that. For us to wholeheartedly trust him, we need to know him.

October 17 – Learning and earning trust

Learning who we can trust is an important skill to develop. Learning how to build trust and restore trust is even more important.

October 24 – Risk to rely

God created people to be interdependent – relying on each other. We can discover how God has shaped us and how we can work together to make a difference in the world.

October 31 – Commit

A theme that is prevalent in our culture is “life is all about you…you are the centre of the universe.” As a result, the idea of dying to myself, having the “same mindset as Jesus” and being totally committed to another person and his or her wellbeing is likely to be perplexing and difficult for us. In every relationship we have a choice. Love is a verb; to commit is an action you choose to do.

Noember – Touch

There is a life-giving power that happens with human touch. Of course, we are talking about healthy, appropriate touching. Whether it is a simple high-five, a pat on the arm, a hug, a kiss, or sexual intimacy, it affects us. God wired us this way. 

November 14 – Our Relationship with God

Over the past five weeks, we have been learning about building relationships. This week to wrap it all up, we focus on our relationship with God, taking a look at how God’s design for the best relationships with each other is modelled after how he desires to relate to us. 


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