Co-mission mini series

When Jesus gave his followers ‘the great commandment’ and ‘the great commission’ they were never meant to be individual challenges. He sent them, and he sends us, as communities of people to work together in loving him, loving people and representing him to the world. Our church’s mission statement is to love people and invite them to join us in a growing relationship with Jesus. This two week mini-series will unpack this statement and explore how we can follow Jesus together.

July 11

Jesus’ great commandment and great commission seem daunting. But he never meant for you to do it alone. Everything Jesus asks is both a personal challenge and a communal challenge. Whether we are loving people or inviting them to join us in a growing relationship with Jesus, we can work together in this. In fact, our whole church should be set up to do this together. This is our co-mission, the work that Jesus has called us to together. How is Jesus asking you to rethink your life to free up more time and money to follow Jesus together?

July 18

Jesus told his first followers to give up their jobs as fisherman because he was going to teach them to fish for people. These men didn’t fish with rods, they fished with nets, because fishing was a group activity. When we consider our own growing relationship with Jesus it often starts individually, but it should never stay that way because we need each other to grow. In the same way we need to work together to invite people to come and join us in following Jesus. Are you, like the woman at the well, coming to realise who Jesus is, and prepared to be baptised together? And how can you invite people to ‘come and see a man’ as part of our church, inviting your friends and being ready to welcome the people’s friends? We’ll encourage people to be baptised on this Sunday after each service.

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