We are the church

We are the church

We are the church

(a guide to making the most of it)

Attending church can be a waste of time. Some people attend church every now and then, sometimes for years or even decades and at best they have a nice experience. At worst they have a religious experience and live under a sense of obligation. This is not what Jesus had in mind for the church. There is so much more life and joy to be found when we move from simply attending a church to involving ourselves in being the church. We are the church.

In this series you’ll be invited to approach church in a fresh way. You’ll be inspired to participate with the church in a way that fuels your faith. You’ll be challenged to engage with church in a way that is dynamic and life-giving. We’ll name five things you can do to thrive, grow and make a difference as part of The Lakes Church.

Sundays from February 14, 2021

This post was written by Geoff Snook


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