What God does when we rest

What God does when we rest

What God does when we rest
A devotional thought by Denise Jorgensen

“Come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.”
Jesus, in Matthew 11:28

When we rest God promises love, healing, and peace. Rest and stillness reveal in our heart what we are thinking, feeling, and going through.  Rest is important, it is essential, it is necessary, and it is a gift. There is a reason God wants us to be still (quiet and calm) and know Him.  Allow God to transform your life through rest.

This past year has seen many changes for me personally.  Many things felt out of control, life seemed unpredictable and what lay ahead seemed to be unsure.  The noise of media, COVID restrictions and the realization of the enormous tragic events happening worldwide was distressing and distracting.

In saying that, for me 2020 in spite of all the challenges, has been a great year.  When COVID hit I retired. With retirement I was given the gift of time. To just BE and not having to run the clock and all the demands of a busy job. I was able to rest, reset and reflect on what truly is important. I was able to pause and take in and appreciate God’s awesome creation.  I was able to hear Him whisper ‘Be still and know that I am God’…Ps 46v10.

Through the stillness and rest God sustained me to seek Him more and to trust His faithfulness.


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