Be still

Be still

Be Still
A devotional thought by Beth Thomas

In March 2020 I was blessed to be at Colour Conference in Sydney.  There were lots of great messages and things to think about.  The main words which resonated for me were “Be still and know that I am God”(from Psalm 46:10).  The months that followed certainly gave many of us plenty of “be still” moments in ways that nobody imagined.  For some people the world literally did become still, in what seemed to be an instant.  (It’s true though, that for others, it only got busier, more hectic, and more stressful.) 

I’ve been thinking again, about what God was really saying.  Does “be still” mean stopped, not moving or not doing anything?  I even broke the sentence into two parts (Be still; and Know that I am God) and focused on each bit. Be Still – must mean more than just not moving.  There’s a sense of waiting on, relying on God and not being so busy doing things for God that I forget to just spend time with Him.  Maybe it also means to stop struggling against God, to relax into His care and not let myself fret over the unknown or the uncertainty.  My work life has been very uncertain for the past year, and the only certainty was the constancy of change.  This uncertainty is also very exhausting, so having a rest is appreciated.  How easy is it to fill any down time with doing, usually doing ‘stuff’ that doesn’t really count?  Shouldn’t I be putting more time into getting to know God better, into reading His word and spending time with Him?  Was that the message I was supposed to be hearing?

In all the uncertainty there’s been comfort in knowing there is a good, loving God who is in control and does care about each one of us.  Challenges should draw us closer to Him, seeking to really know Him.  Seeing so much good come – even in the midst of a crisis, with people connecting and caring about others has been encouraging.  God’s people have had to find different ways to still be ‘church’ together whilst we couldn’t physically meet.  Do we understand more of who God is, who He has called us to be when He asks us to serve our community?  Are we ready for the next steps, ready for the new year?  I hope I’m listening and learning, but I know I’m still working out what God is saying. The remainder of the verse is encouraging, exciting and hopeful – just what we need for the new year. Go on, read it!



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