Prayer & Preparation

Prayer & Preparation

The three weeks after Christmas aren’t just about rest. We are taking this time of prayer and preparation to focus on what God has done in the year that was and what he has ahead for us. Sometimes it is only in pausing that we can hear his voice.


You’re invited to choose a day before Sunday 17th January to fast in prayer and preparation with us for all that God wants to do this year.

If you’re new to fasting, you may like to listen to this message to understand it more before you begin.

We’d love to hear how your day of prayer and fasting goes, and if there’s anything you sense God is saying for our church. You can get in touch here.

Video messages

During these three weeks of Prayer & Preparation we’ll share a video message each weekend with an invitation to take communion and a song to reflect on.

Geoff Snook – Looking Back

26 December 2020

Glenn Maskell – Here and Now

2 January 2021

Clint Smith – Moving Forward

9 January 2021

Devotional thoughts

During these three weeks our team are writing video devotionals. Here they are:

Libby Simkins – The valley of Baka

23 December 2020

I identify with the weariness of this traveller trudging through a barren, weeping landscape, tired, disheartened and longing for refreshment. But the Psalm is not without hope. It encourages us that we are just passing through the valley of Baka, our time there is not permanent and that even whilst there, it can become a place of springs.
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Kylee Forrester – Sometimes God has to make us rest

26 December 2020

I’ve always thought it’s a bit funny in Psalm 23 how God has to make us lie down in green pastures. He deliberately leads us beside still waters, into open spaces where we can hopefully slow down long enough to notice the magnificence of his clever design – and it seems like a prescription he has given specifically in order to restore our souls.
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Beth Thomas – Be Still

29 December 2020

I’ve been thinking again, about what God was really saying.  Does “be still” mean stopped, not moving or not doing anything?  I even broke the sentence into two parts (Be still; and Know that I am God) and focused on each bit. Be Still – must mean more than just not moving.  There’s a sense of waiting on, relying on God and not being so busy doing things for God that I forget to just spend time with Him.
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Andrew Donaldson – Rest

1 January 2021

Andrew shared a video of some of his thoughts and reflections on how Jesus invites us to rest.
Watch the video here.

Denise Jorgensen – What God does when we rest

5 January 2021

There is a reason God wants us to be still (quiet and calm) and know Him.  Allow God to transform your life through rest.
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Clare Norris – The most important thing

7 January 2021

I think I’ve always misunderstood the Mary and Martha story. One sister was doing all the work and one sister was just lying about, right? And with a great excuse to dodge the jobs, too: Jesus was in the house. 
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Elaine Fielding – How will you invest spiritually in 2021?

11 January 2021

Zig Ziglar a renowned leadership author and presenter wrote, ‘If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.’ So how does someone like me avoid stagnation and continue to grow in their relationship with God?
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Church services resume in person from Sunday 17th January 2021!

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  1. Arthur Walmsley

    Thanks Libby, your thaughts would be the same as many others coming to the end of a difficult year. I like your scripture references.
    KYLEE, thanks. All Gods blessing as you move to NZ.

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