The weary world rejoices

The weary world rejoices

This Christmas will be the most anticipated in a long time. Many people are looking forward to celebrating with family and friends after a huge year of fear, uncertainty and restrictions. There are similarities here with the first Christmas. Jesus arrived after a long and difficult wait. The Christmas carol ‘O Holy Night’ captures this with its line ‘the weary world rejoices.’ We’re going to rejoice this Christmas in the hope, joy and refreshment that Jesus brings. 

We’ll begin this series on December 6, leading up to our Christmas celebration together as a church on Sunday 20th December. We’ll also provide you with a video resource to use with family and friends in the Christmas week. 

You can catch up on the series here.

We are pausing our church services after this series until Sunday 17th January. You’ll find video resources during these few weeks on our YouTube channel.


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