Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020

Our Christmas video premieres on Christmas Eve! We made it with your Christmas celebration in mind.

Whenever you’re getting together with family and friends, put this video on in the middle of your gathering to help you focus on Jesus as you celebrate Christmas.

You’ll find a fun re-telling of the Christmas story by some of our kids, a short message from me and Christmas carols led by Dan & Jess Hammond from Inside Out.

You can catch up on our Christmas series ‘The weary world rejoices’ on our YouTube channel.

You can read a Christmas devotional thought from our team here.

After Christmas we are pausing our church services for three weeks of prayer and preparation. This time will be crucial for our church community.

You’ll find video resources for these three weeks on our YouTube channel.
Our church services will resume on Sunday 17th January.

Geoff recorded the video below to share what Christmas & New Years will look like for our church.


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