Three ways to engage with church services

Three ways to engage with church services

As restrictions continue to ease, there are three ways you can engage with church services in the coming weeks:

You can continue to engage with church online from wherever you are at 8:30am or 10:30am every Sunday. You can also watch later on YouTube or listen later via podcast.

You can now host church at your place! Restrictions are continuing to ease, and we’re now able to spend time with each other. We encourage you to invite someone over and enjoy each other’s company as you engage in an online service together. 

Remember to follow government restrictions when inviting people into your homes. Current restrictions allow for up to 20 people in homes or at outdoor venues with the following things in place: 1) Stay at home if you’re sick. 2) Keep 1.5m away from others. 3) If possible try meeting outside. 4) Wash or sanitise hands regularly. 5) Avoid sharing snacks. 6) Keep a list of the people who come over.

Need help? Contact us and we can help you find someone to experience church with on Sunday.

We’re looking forward to restrictions easing so that we can meet together in person every Sunday. We’ll keep you updated as the situation changes and as we make plans based on what you’ve said.


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