God Save the Planet

God Save the Planet

God Save the Planet – a series about climate change

Climate change is one of the most difficult topics in the world today. In the midst of the emotionally charged debate are some long-held beliefs by Christians that we need to take a closer look at.

We didn’t settle the politics or the science but we did talk about how every Christian should approach the issue of climate change. Whether you’re a climate change advocate, denier, or somewhere in between, we need to talk about this together.

Each week we explored a particular idea around Christians and Climate Change and some practical responses.

God’s plan for the earth // Sunday 23rd February

This first message focussed on something Jesus always modelled – a keen interest in God’s perspective. We’ll get to the science and we’ll get to what it all means and can look like in our lives. But we started with God’s perspective, as best as we can understand it. What is God’s plan for the earth?

Where faith and science meet // Sunday 1st March

This message focussed on the place where faith and science meet. Christians are often afraid of science and scientists, creating a false conflict between God and science. When we look closer at the reality of God and the reality of science, we find that the conflict disappears. Christians don’t need to be afraid of science or defensive against scientific views. Instead we can be curious, fascinated and respond to the truths that science reveals. When we realise we can have both Jesus and science, it changes our understanding of and approach to climate change.

Our part in the plan // Sunday 8th March

This message focussed on our part in God’s plan. Regardless of your views on exactly what, when and how the consequences of climate change will be, it’s important for Christians to look after God’s creation and look out for our neighbour. As we interact with different views on climate change we need to have those conversations with love and respect. As we consider our own lives, we need to find ways to play our part in looking after God’s creation. Our part in the plan includes active conversation and active conservation.

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This post was written by Geoff Snook.

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