Declare War

Declare War

There are three epidemics in our culture that we have to fight: uselessness, loneliness and insecurity. These aren’t battles to fight with other people, these are battles that start within each of us. Declaring war can be scary and it isn’t easy, but these are battles God wants us to fight and win. Let’s declare war!

Declare War on Uselessness

Sometimes we feel like we have nothing to offer others, especially when it comes to faith. When you consider serving in the church, inviting someone to church or bringing the light of Jesus into dark situations you might feel like you aren’t up to the task. Jesus gives us tools to battle with this feeling like we have nothing to offer. Serving him and finding our place in the church is one of the things that helps. Jesus calls us to fight and win the battle of uselessness.

Declare War on Loneliness

Loneliness is becoming an epidemic in our society. Many of us are lonely, despite being more connected than ever. God didn’t design us to be alone, but to be in community with others. We explored the difference between loneliness and being alone and we explored how to declare war on loneliness in our own lives and in the lives of the people around us. Jesus calls us to fight and win the battle of loneliness – for ourselves and for others.

Declare War on Insecurity

Insecurity plagues us every day with feelings of uncertainty, lack of confidence or anxiety about ourselves. When we get our identity from the wrong things we feel insecure. If we want to feel secure we need to find our identity in Jesus. Jesus always has something to say about who we are because he made us. He doesn’t just prop up our self esteem, he gives us a brand new identity in his family, the church. In this new identity we can have confidence to talk about our faith and to invite people to church. Jesus calls us to fight and win the battle of insecurity.

This post was written by Geoff Snook.


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