The secrets we keep

The secrets we keep

The secrets we keep

We all have hidden things in our lives that we’d love to change or that are affecting our relationship with God and our relationships with each other. In this series we unlock those secret places and allowed God to speak into our lives in those areas.

If you’ve got secrets that you keep, you don’t need to be nervous or apprehensive about this series. As always, God comes alongside us in our struggles and invites us to allow his light to shine into the dark places in our lives, as he leads us into freedom. This is a safe place for freedom and healing.

If these things affect someone in your life, the things we talk about will be helpful for you, too, as you support them.

You can find the whole series here.

We created a sheet with support options for you throughout this series. You’ll find it here.


Probably no other human emotion has caused so much suffering and pain as anger. And yet, it isn’t often talked about or addressed until it’s already a problem. In this message we interviewed counsellor and presenter Jo Koskela. You can listen to this message here.


Our first few exposures to sexuality have a big impact on the way we come to view sex and how we can struggle with an attraction to viewing pornography. Counsellor and presenter Jo Koskela was our guest speaker for this message. You can listen to this message here.


There are some people who use the Bible to say that Christians shouldn’t drink alcohol at all. But that’s too much of a stretch in understanding and interpreting what the original authors meant. The Bible treats the appropriate use of alcohol as a normal part of life. There are two clear cautions we need to be aware of though as we consider the misuse of alcohol. You can listen to this message here.


Fear can be a good thing because it alerts our bodies to danger and signals our bodies to deal with what is causing the problem. But fear can go beyond that and become overwhelming to the point where it interferes with our normal life activities. It can leave us trapped in an invisible box and disempower us, so that we can’t move or function in freedom. You can listen to this message here.


If there’s one thing that starts as a secret in our lives and ends up with us being the ones locked in – it’s drug addiction. Drugs have an immediate effect on us. And the long term impact of being addicted is that we end up locked in, unable to get away. You can listen to this message here.

This post was written by Geoff Snook.


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