Sharing your faith will change your faith

Sharing your faith will change your faith

We share all sorts of good things that are part of our lives; chocolate, ideas and tv shows, for example. Sharing our faith can be as simple and natural as sharing these other things.

When Jesus told his disciples in Mark 16:15, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone,” he was giving them a simple instruction. Today we might translate this as, “Wherever life takes you, tell everyone about who Jesus is and what he’s done.” It’s not our job to save people or convince people. It’s simply our job to share about Jesus.

One thing that can help us share our faith is to remember how others have shared with us, and copy them. Like in 2 Timothy 1:5-8, we can reflect on how parents, friends, teachers, coworkers and randoms have shared their faith with us, and then ew can do the same for others.

Here are some simple ways that we can share our faith:

  1. We can share encouragement with other Christians
  2. We can share stories about our experience of life with Jesus
  3. We can share our gifts, skills and talents to help people
  4. We can share our church community by inviting people to join us

Sharing your faith will also change your faith. You will be blessed, your faith will come alive and you’ll benefit from seeing others helped and seeing their lives change. You will also take greater ownership of your faith as your faith shifts from being focused on yourself, to being focused on others.

Finally, a comment from Colossians 4:5-6 is helpful in saying that our conversations should be ‘seasoned with salt’. Salt is an attractive additive in cooking, it makes you enjoy what you’re eating and it often leaves you wanting more. When we share our faith in simple, natural ways, it should leave people wanting to find out more about who Jesus is and what he’s done. 

If you are exploring faith for yourself, we’d love to help. Follow this link to connect with us at The Lakes Church.

This post is part of the ‘Get in the Game’ series from The Lakes Church in 2019. You can read a series summary here, and listen to the original messages from this series here.

This post was written by Geoff Snook.


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