Worship will change your faith

Worship will change your faith

One day when Jesus was sitting by a well, a woman arrived to draw some water. In the conversation that followed he told her that God was looking for people that would worship him in spirit and in truth. 

Worshipping God means to admire, respect, be devoted to, be loyal to or be enthusiastic towards him. At the end of our lives, when we come face to face with God, we will have no choice but to worship. We don’t have to wait though, we can choose to worship him now. 

God is looking for people that will choose to worship him in spirit (with their heart) and in truth (with their mind). Worship often includes music and singing, but it can be so much more. We can worship with every part of our lives.

God doesn’t need our worship, but he allows himself to be blessed by our worship. Worship will also bless us. By choosing to worship God no matter what else is going on in our lives, we place God in his rightful place and everything else will take it’s proper place. Your faith will change when you choose to worship God.

You can worship God anywhere. You don’t need to come to a church service to do that. But we miss you when you’re not here, and we miss out when you’re not here. We are blessed when you join us to worship God.

If you make worship together a priority, it’s not just your faith that will change, but it’s the faith of others that will change too.

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This post is part of the ‘Get in the Game’ series from The Lakes Church in 2019. You can read a series summary here, and listen to the original messages from this series here.

This post was written by Geoff Snook.


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