Have you been baptised?

Have you been baptised?

Have you been baptised?

Have you been baptised?Baptism is something we do to follow Jesus’ example, to identify with him and to show everyone what we believe. When you share your story and get baptised in front of people, it tells them that you believe Jesus Christ is God and that you want to follow Him with your life.

If you have accepted Jesus in your life, you can be baptised. If you have Jesus, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be baptised. The equation isn’t Jesus + A Reasonable Amount of Time = Baptism. Or Jesus + Perfection = Time to Get Baptised. The equation is Jesus = Baptism. If you have Jesus, you can be baptised.

Baptism, like communion, is a symbol that Jesus led us to be part of. Baptism physically represents spiritual realities. If you have Jesus, you have everything. So why not be baptised to show everyone watching that Jesus + Nothing = Everything in your life?

For more information about baptism you can have a look at this one-page information sheet, or work through the questions in this booklet.

We can baptise you in a pool or a creek or the ocean, or next Sunday at The Lakes Church! Please contact us if you are interested in being baptised.



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