What About…? series in 2016

What About…? series in 2016

What About…? series in 2016

What About series

As God’s allies we have faith in God. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have questions. What about…? In this series we look at some of the big questions around faith and how we can begin to understand them. This series is designed to help people understand their faith and some of their own questions. It is also designed to help people engage others in conversations about faith around these difficult questions.

As a church we practice the Churches of Christ in QLD saying: “In essentials, unity. In non essentials, freedom. In all things, love.” This series doesn’t provide nice neat answers, but will provide some input and encourage the conversation around these questions.

The series included live Q & A via SMS during each service, and we responded to all the questions during a midweek podcast each week.


What About…? series

To listen in or read along with the series follow the links below:

What About Voting?

Voting midweek Q & A

What About Money?

Monday midweek Q & A

What About Old Testament God vs New Testament God?

OT God vs NT God midweek Q & A

What About Homosexuality?

Homosexuality midweek Q & A

What About Gender Roles?

Gender Roles midweek Q & A

What About Church?

Church midweek Q & A


You can buy a copy of the What About book from the series.

You can also listen in to the 2017 What About? series that addressed these topics: life (suicide, euthanasia and abortion), Jesus (historical evidence), science, suffering and other religions.

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  1. Campbell

    Hey guys this was a really good series. Well done on tackling issues sometimes well maybe often, avoided in churches.

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